BVI Holiday Charters

Christmas and New Years are two of the most popular crewed charter weeks during the entire year. Specifically, the week of New Years is undoubtedly the most popular week of the year and the BVI is by far the most popular destination choice to celebrate New Years in the Caribbean.

Every yacht within the crewed charter fleet will eventually get a booking and the most popular yachts book up extremely early.

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When to book a holiday charter? Quite simply, it's never too early to book a Christmas or New Years charter. Booking your charter at least one year in advance is often necessary to secure the yacht of your choice.

What about holiday surcharges? Most yachts add a standard 10% surcharge for these popular holiday weeks. Some yachts charge a flat rate.

What is the minimum length of a holiday charter? Holiday charters must be a minimum of one week. Clients can charter for less than a week, but will have to pay for a full week's rate.

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