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Here are the answers to some common questions.
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We've never chartered a yacht charter before.  What can we expect?
Gorgeous beaches, soft rocking waves (no need to worry, you will  not be in the middle of the raging ocean!), crystal blue waters (feel free to jump in when you like)...lots of water sports - really the opportunities are endless!

What should we pack?
Refer to our "What to Bring" page.

What if someone is worried about getting sea sick?
We recommend that you bring along some Bonine, Dramamine or similar motion-sickness medication.
Rest assured, most boat are designed for comfort and stability, and seasickness is not very common.

What kind of sunscreen should we bring?
Keep in mind that in the Caribbean you are much closer to the equator than you or your skin are accustomed to.  We recommend you bring 30-45 SPF sunscreen and use it often!  You are much more exposed to the sun than you think!  Please do not bring spray types of sunblock, as the deck gets very slippery.  Please don’t bring suntan oil because you will fry, and it also may stain the boat.

Should we bring our own snorkel gear with us?
No need. Boats provide masks, snorkels, fins.

Can we SCUBA dive?
Some boats offer onboard scuba diving but all boats can arrange randezvous diving.

Can we fish from the yacht?
Yes. All boats have fishing gear available.  The BVI law mandates a fishing license be obtained to fish in the BVI waters.  You may purchase this upon arrival, or online at  The price of a fishing license is $45.  Please note that due to a common toxic algae in the coral reefs, fishing is catch-and-release.

Can we recharge our digital camera and cell phone while aboard?
Yes. Bring your chargers with you. The crew can charge appliances for you which are 110V - 240V.

Will my cell phone work in the BVI?
There are certain areas in which cell phone access is difficult.  There are a few towers in the USVI that allow you to use your cell phone as if you were in the States.  When connection is difficult, your phone may be routed to the local phone service, CCT.  For accurate location availability, refer your cell phone provider.

Is Internet available?
Most boats have a wireless router that will allow you to connect your laptop to the outside world.

Can we bring our own CD's or iPod?
Most boats have a docking station for iPods, and a CD/DVD player in the salon for your music and movies of choice.

Are Credit cards widely accepted?
Most places do accept Visa and MasterCard, although some beach bars are cash only.  There are only a few ATM's around the BVI's, so it is recommended that you bring plenty of cash (the BVI uses US currency).

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